Fran Papapietro

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License No. 01358728 (CA)
Mobile: 408.623.4155 Office: 408.335.1400

As a resident for over three decades, I have a deep connection to the various
communities and areas that make up the greater Bay Area. I have had the opportunity to
live and work throughout Silicon Valley and know and understand what makes the area
so wonderful: its lifestyle opportunities, diverse cultures and communities. I am deeply
committed to supporting the valley through my real estate practice as I understand how
important my role is to my clients' personal experience and to the community's

For the better part of my childhood, my father's commitment as a military chaplain
provided me with the opportunity to live abroad in multiple countries and states
domestically. Although the experience was wonderful in developing my life
experiences, I came to understand and overcome the challenges of transitioning to a
new community every few years. This perspective has helped me bring in a deeper
understanding of my clients' needs and allows me to approach their goals with
thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

As a professional, my role is to help my clients manage their life changes. Because my
clients' home is most likely their foundation of personal and financial security, and is
likely their largest lifetime investment, it is important their decisions be supported by
someone who understands their larger needs.

My father's work also impressed upon me the value of community and my responsibility
to provide it support. In line with Sereno's values, I have throughout the years supported
various non-profits, charities and organizations. I am proud to be a consistent supporter
of Sereno's 1% for Good initiative supporting non-profits right here in Silicon Valley.

Throughout my real estate career, I have found my success comes from providing not
only excellent service and insight, but having a deeper appreciation of what my efforts
truly create: a new beginning to my clients' life. There is nothing more important to me.

My affiliation with Sereno provides me the support and service platform I can use to
maximize my skills to the benefit of my clients.

From our value system and social responsibility commitment to our in-house marketing
department and strong legal counsel representation, I have the ability to work with
confidence and commitment.

With corporate relocation as the focus of 95% of my business, I understand my role is
an extension of the corporations that I work closely with. Because so many of my
relocating clients do not have knowledge of the communities that make up the overall
Silicon Valley metropolitan area, it is my job to play match maker based on a thorough
needs assessment. So that my clients do not have to tell their stories to multiple parties, I
have made it my mission to represent a broad range of communities in our area. As a
result, I work extensively on the Peninsula as far north as Burlingame, throughout
Silicon Valley in all communities, and into the East Bay communities such as
Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon and Danville.

I am grateful to raise my family in this wonderful community. And I look forward to
passing on my gratitude to my clients and to providing a new and exciting start to a new
chapter in each of their lives.