Patrick Farnsworth

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Broker Associate
License No. 00915656 (CA)
Mobile: 408.398.2319 Office: 408.295.3111
Patrick Farnsworth, Broker
Patrick knows hard work and dedication in achieving goals. The third of four siblings, the son of a father with a seventh-grade education and a mother who didn't finish high school, he learned how to work to achieve goals. His parents, however uneducated, gave Patrick a stable home life, as well as solid core values. Needless to say, with four kids in the house, money was tight so he went to work during his elementary school days by doing yard work at $1.50 per hour and delivering the San Jose News. His big break came at 16 years old when he was offered the job of fry cook at the Doggie Diner on Winchester at Stevens Creek. He remained there for four years until they closed the store. A job at Sears in the paint department ensued. The income enabled him to buy a car, clothing and pay for college. College included an undergraduate degree in microbiology/biochemistry, post graduate certification in medical technology, night school studying undergraduate business classes and finally admission to an MBA program. He worked on his business education at night after working as a Bacteriologist at Mills Memorial Hospital.

Patrick loves to play drums and has been playing since the 4th grade. He is currently the drummer in the South County Blues Band and an occasional drummer for the DuKanes. He gets called to fill in with other bands from time to time. He loves to read and is a history buff, especially American history from about 1850 to the present day. Biographies of politicians and military leaders are his forte.

Other interests include pens, watches, football, working out, pony cars and bicycles.

Look for him servicing Willow Glen listings on his road bicycle.

Monica Farnsworth, REALTOR®
Monica is the only child of Angelo and Ann Butera, past owners of Butera Studios located in downtown San Jose. Butera Studios was a photography studio established in San Jose in 1949. Her dad was a very talented artist who studied at the University of Pennsylvania School of Fine Arts and won a scholarship to pursue painting at the Vatican. Monica inherited her dad's creative talents and is an accomplished oil painter, in her own right. Monica helped run her family's business while in high school and, having worked with the public for many years, learned the importance of good old customer service. She majored in art and design in college and has a fine sense of style.

She enjoys coming up with creative solutions to challenging design and staging problems some homes can present. She also helps a number of prominent general contractors in the area design large spec homes for maximum desirability. Her loves include painting and gardening. The couple are San Jose natives and have been together since 1969. Patrick was playing in band at a high school dance and Monica was in the crowd. They have been a team ever since. Their goal early on was to work together in a family business. Real estate was the perfect match. They both jumped into the business in 1986. Patrick's detailed view of the world is well-suited to dealing with the contracts, negotiation and the addressing the infinite details of a real estate sale or purchase. Monica talents lend themselves to an intimate knowledge of the inventory and in finding those special homes for buyers before they hit the market. She has been co-captain of the Willow Glen Realtors' Tour for many years and consistently views all new Willow Glen listings hitting the market on a weekly basis.

Designing new homes and helping others remodel or redecorate homes for maximum market value are included in her many talents.