James Yang

James Yang Photo
License No. 01824408 (CA)
Office: 650.323.1900
Having grown up in the Bay Area, I know the complexities of the Silicon Valley real estate market like the circuit boards I once built as an electrical engineer.
After graduating from UC Berkeley, I followed the path of my parents, both computer scientists who helped Silicon Valley become the high-tech stronghold it is today. But I felt an urge to break out of the box that my upbringing and education had built for me.
I left my engineering job and vaulted into real estate, seeking great mentors along the way. Today, I am proud to be one of the top agents on the Peninsula as part of the Sereno Group's Palo Alto office.
I practice real estate the way I once competed in Wushu, a contemporary Chinese martial art. I am a tough negotiator who goes to battle for my clients - while painting them a portrait to completion.
An engineer. A Wushu practitioner. And most recently a CrossFit devotee. One of the things I love about engineering, martial arts and CrossFit is that they all share the similar principle of working toward something larger. Each day, you show up, work on a tiny piece of the project, a small portion of the physical form, or a tiny detail of a barbell lift. Over time, the accumulation of small, daily efforts leads to something great.
From multimillion dollar investment deals to helping a young family find their first home, I thrive on the rigor and unpredictability of a job that has me on call seven days a week. Yet I also find time for my other passions: the electronic music that I compose or reading anything from nonfiction to Sci-Fi.
The book that most recently changed the way I see the world?
"A Geography of Time," in which renowned social psychologist Robert Levine asks the reader to explore how every culture has a different perception of time. We take it for granted that everyone has an iPhone and that time is all the same, synched around the world. But this book explains how different cultures perceive time and how it has evolved. This is what I love - learning new ideas that can change my perception.