News and Updates January 1, 2021

Sereno Ignites a New Era for the Leading Independent Real Estate Brokerage

Sereno expands into the East Bay, Tahoe, and reveals an evolved brand image to better serve Bay Area agents and their buyers and sellers, throughout the region.

“We remain dedicated to leveraging the advantages of being an independently branded, locally-owned business and continue to do our part to support our agents and local communities.” Chris Trapani, Co-Founder, and CEO of Sereno.

The Bay Area’s leading independent real estate firm with over 500 agents serving Silicon Valley, the SF Peninsula, Santa Cruz, the East Bay, and Lake Tahoe, has significantly evolved its brand image to mark the beginning of a new era for the nearly 15-year-old company and reignite the spirit of independent real estate at scale throughout the region.

Sereno’s latest expansion with the recent acquisition of J. Rockcliff Realtors makes it the largest independent and locally-owned real estate company in the Bay Area. The company’s dedication to local communities through its Sereno 1% For Good Charitable Foundation, will now benefit more residents.

“In a time when many Bay Area real estate companies have either consolidated under a national company’s umbrella or become franchisees for corporate brands, we’ve doubled down on promoting and advancing the independent real estate brokerage and agent,” said Chris Trapani, Co-Founder and CEO of Sereno.

“To us, a locally-operated business means leaders who are present and involved, agents who are supported and connected to their communities and their company, as well as consumers who are served by people who are driven by contributing to the community overall,” said Ryan Iwanaga, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer.

Trapani and Iwanaga, together with a group of a few dozen founding agents, launched Sereno in 2006 with the vision of creating a real estate company that is truly connected to its communities, holding true to a responsibility not only to serve those communities but to build them and give back as much as possible. Their goal was to hire and support the most experienced, respected, and productive Realtors and make meaning along the way with a socially responsible approach.

Sereno’s founding team believes that preserving a more independent, locally-operated real estate brokerage option for agents and consumers ensures the long term integrity of the business. It provides an authentic connection to the company and the communities it serves while allowing Sereno to remain hyper-local in its service platform and offerings while reinvesting resources locally. Sereno believes this philosophy and approach best serve agents and their client’s long-term interests.

The Sereno 1% For Good Charitable Foundation, an agent-driven initiative, was recently ranked #21 in corporate philanthropy among Silicon Valley companies. To date, the Foundation has generated over $3.4 million in charitable donations. The brokerage, as well as many of its agents, commit to donating a portion of their commissions which is then distributed to local nonprofit organizations.

“Sereno agents are very involved in our 1% For Good program,” said Kirsty Duncan, Director of Social Impact. “For so many of us, it has become an incredible way to really connect with the people around us on a human level, and to fuel a passion for helping, which is so incredibly needed right now.”

The Sereno 1% For Good Charitable Foundation has contributed to over 246 local nonprofit organizations.

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