News and Updates December 16, 2020

Sereno Group Announces the 2020 Joanne Knapp Community Service Award, Sereno Group Spirit Award and J. Rockcliff Courage Award Recipients

The Joanne Knapp Community Service Award is given each year to an associate who exemplifies Sereno Group’s spirit of proactive community connectedness and involvement through thought, spirit, and action. The award is in honor of Joanne Knapp, one of Sereno Group’s original associates who had a long history as a well respected and beloved Realtor in Santa Clara. Joanne was instrumental in the early phases of Sereno Group’s community-minded, values driven business model and acted as a trusted advisor to the founders.




Joanne Knapp Community Service Award Winners:




The Sereno Group Spirit Award is given each year to an associate who embodies Sereno Group’s ideals of high integrity and responsible real estate practice, selflessness, and a commitment to the communities we serve. The award was inspired by Sallie Morgan, a legendary and admired Realtor in the Silicon Valley who made significant contributions to Sereno Group’s growth and success.




Sereno Group Spirit Award Winners:




This year we introduced the J. Rockcliff Courage Award. This award will be presented annually to individuals who exhibit courage, inspiration, and leadership in the face of both personal and professional adversity. The award is named in recognition and honor of J. Rockcliff Realtors’ legacy as one of the Bay Area’s premiere independent brokerages.




J. Rockcliff Courage Award Winners: