News and Updates December 4, 2019

Sereno Group 1% For Good Los Gatos announces its largest single grant to Los Gatos – Monte Sereno DART

Sereno Group 1% For Good Los Gatos is pleased to announce its largest single grant to date. This opportunity grant, in the amount of $30,000, was made to the Los Gatos – Monte Sereno Disaster Aid Response Team (DART) so the organization can replace its response trailer, a vital part of their daily operations to aid the surrounding community.

The Disaster Aid Response Team (DART) is an organization of citizen volunteers trained to assist the Los Gatos Monte Sereno Police Department (LGMSPD) in its emergency and service functions. Founded in 1982, DART proudly serves Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, and the surrounding communities.

DART has members trained in technical rescue, medical intervention, equestrian search, scuba diving, emergency radio communication, traffic control, and a variety of other skills necessary for effective search/rescue and disaster assistance.

DART assists in a wide variety of emergencies which includes searching for missing children and senior citizens; evidence searches in several major local crimes; assisting in the recovery of drowning victims; monitoring potential flood damage and maintaining an early warning network for Los Gatos Creekside residents, as well as providing logistical and security assistance to firefighters during fire emergencies.

Since 2012, Sereno Group’s agent driven 1% For Good initiative has been able to contribute to 193 philanthropic organizations throughout Silicon Valley and the Santa Cruz coastal communities.

Click HERE for the press release and HERE to learn more about the Sereno Group 1% For Good Charitable Foundation.