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Sereno Group Attends Who’s Who In Luxury Real Estate’s 11th Annual Spring Retreat

LOS GATOS—29 April 2013. During the week of April 22nd, a contingent of Sereno Group agents and executives attended the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate’s 11th Annual Spring Retreat in Carmel, CA.

The Retreat was hosted by John Brian Losh, Chairman/Publisher of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, (; a network of top luxury real estate brokers. The network includes the most prominent global luxury brokers and meets three times each year, nationally and internationally, to discuss current real estate trends.

At the conference, discussions centered on topics pertinent to those who serve the high net-worth demographic in real estate, with particular emphasis on public relations, how the financial markets are driving luxury sales, entrepreneurship, team-building, website effectiveness, and running an efficient business.

The retreat also served as an opportunity for Sereno Group to deepen their national and global networks with partner luxury brokers.

“The retreat allowed us to share ideas and strategies with other like minded luxury brokers,” said Lisa Williams, Vice President of Relocation and Business Development, “The information we gathered and shared throughout the retreat was outstanding and will definitely be incorporated into our broker strategy moving forward. It truly was a collection of who’s who in luxury real estate.”


Known in the industry for the last quarter-century as the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate network, a global collection of the finest luxury real estate brokers in the world, this group of more than 70,000 professionals in more than 85 countries collectively sells in excess of $190 billion of real estate annually, with an average sale price of $2,450,000. Members sell homes for record prices and handle transactions of incredible complexity and magnitude with complete discretion. Every member is carefully selected by Chairman/Publisher John Brian Losh, one of REALTOR Magazine’s 25 Most Influential People in Real Estate and broker of fine properties and estates through his Seattle-based brokerage firm, Ewing & Clark, Inc.